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Please be respectful of your neighbors by obeying the

leash law.

Please be reminded that dogs and cats running at large is a violation of Ordinance 377 (see

below). The City receives several calls a week complaining of dogs and cats running at large. The

City has employed an Animal Control Officer who patrols the City daily. If a dog or cat is caught,

they are taken to the County Shelter (251-574-3647). They are held for a maximum of 5 days before

they are euthanized.

This is an added expense to the City. Therefore, the City is moving forward with enforcing the

Ordinance and writing citations for owners who allow their dogs or cats to roam the streets. If you

have a complaint about a stray or unwanted animal running at large, please call the police

department (251-675-0151) and they will dispatch the Animal Control Officer to your area.

There are several agencies which can help with unwanted animals such as the Mobile County

SPCA (251-633-3531) or the Animal Rescue Foundation (251-478-9743). Both of these agencies

have non-kill shelters where dogs and cats are held until they can be adopted out.

ORDINANCE 377– SECTION 1-.42 states that “ No owner of a dog or cat shall permit such dog or

cat to run at-large at any time within the city, and any such owner who does so shall be guilty of an

offence against the city. Upon conviction of such offense, such owner shall be punished as set forth

in Section 1-14. Section 1-14 states “... a person convicted of a violation of this Code shall be

punished by a fine not exceeding $500.00, imprisonment or confinement at hard labor for a term not

exceeding six months...”

ORDINANCE NO. 520 An ordinance to Amend Section 10 of the Satsuma Code (on Animals)